Toronto International Film Festival Reception at Ryerson

Yesterday, Cristal Sung, Helaena Parks, and I worked on the research for the TIFF Reception at Ryerson. I’m not complaining though because first off, this is a great experience for students like myself and secondly, Heleana, Cristal, and I worked really well together.

The first task that Jefferson and Ramona asked us to do was research a list of important people that were going to attend the party last night. This included people such as Atom Egoyan to Gerd Hauck. It was really interesting and challenging work. We weren’t sure what we were doing but we looked everywhere from LinkedIn to the Ryerson Website for information.

After we finished our research, we met up with Ramona and Jefferson and expanded on the research with their guidance. For example, Garrick Filewod (works in FCAD) worked on a theory called Syntegrity. We researched later that it was a way to program solve using a non-hierarchical system for small teams.

Finally at the party after helping set up, the three of us helped Jefferson locate the people being interviewed and brought them to the camera crew and Ramona. The one issue we had with this is that as we split up the research between the three of us, we didn’t know what everyone looked like. One thing we should do next time is that when we are conducting our research, we should add an image so that it will be easier for us to locate them at receptions. Besides that everything went really smoothly and we had a great time.

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