Sol LeWitt Artist Responses

Sol LeWitt was an artist, who created beautiful wall drawings and sculptures that were created using a set of rules. Sol LeWitt was one of the first artists who created generative art. As stated in the article What is Generative Art? Complexity Theory as a Context for Art Theory by Philip Galanter, generative art can be very difficult to define. He feels that to define the artwork, you use examples to define the words. For the purpose of Sol LeWitt, I would personally define it as creating a set of rules for someone else to follow when creating art. I found this aspect of another person creating artwork using Sol LeWitt’s rules very interesting. The fact that Sol LeWitt in his rules does not state the medium in which you have to use is even more captivating to me.

I find the beauty that can come out of the usage of very simple lines, shapes, and colours very inspiring. I feel that Sol LeWitt is a very important artist to study and use as an inspiration for New Media artwork.

I am drawn Generative art of interest to me because you can create something different every time you draw it. The artworks themselves look very complicated yet drawn to the bare bones, the generative artwork that Sol LeWitt created was very simple. Sol LeWitt only uses lines, shapes, and colours to in order create both drawings and sculptures. I feel that in Sol LeWitt’s art, simple is the best way to go.

After reading the article, I understand now, how Sol LeWitt’s pieces at first can be seen as chaotic and unorganized, but as you look deeper into the pieces they begin to create a happy medium between chaos and organizations. The article calls this effective complexity, which I feel LeWitt is a creative virtuoso at. The importance of Sol LeWitt and the inspiration he was to modern artwork is unmistakable.

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