Raymi the Minx

Today I researched Raymi the Minx. She is a really interesting personality online and is a Toronto socialite that blogs about her life.
  • didn’t really find anything valuable on her twitter except that she is very active and posts a lot of pictures


  • She began blogging in 2000
  • “I started blogging because I wanted to be famous, I wanted to be a starlet,” she explains. “I want to be in a movie, I want to be in a feature film. Everything I’ve done, blogging-wise and in photos, is my message to the audience that I am good enough to do that, maybe, and every so often I like to do an event or something where I am out [in person]. Because I don’t think my persona is translating positively in my favour.” (http://www.thegridto.com/city/people/raymi-the-minx-in-the-flesh/)
  • Name: Raymi Lauren White
  • Interested in working in television
  • voice of the social media generation
  • Toronto socialite which blogs about her adventures in Toronto
  • Opinion of one person: But she doesn’t blog as “Raymi Lauren White” but blogs as “Raymi the Mix” which is a character rather than a real person – more extreme version of herself


Raymi’s Blog

  • the blog is about her life – the events and things that she attends
  • She uses pictures to blog about her adventures during the day
  • I feel that even though I am seeing her life, it’s hard to completely understand her personally (she is a celeb and we are only seeing the parts of her life she wants us to see)
  • Questions how she decides what to post and what not to post – definately into “the culture of me”
  • She connects to a lot of people because they want her to come and advertise for them (if its a party or some event) – she is an excellent choice in Toronto to be there and then it will become more popular (the people will make more money because of the advertising)
  • You can pay her to advertise for you, for example she writes on her blog “No one wants to do your quiz on Facebook. No one wants an email or phone call from you. No one wants another expensive beer commercial to delay the puck drop another 30 seconds. People do want to know what kind of beer that Raymi the Minx is drinking. So, in closing: What kind of beer is she drinking?” – people listening to her because she is popular

Age of Zero Privacy

  • In the era of Social Networking, we share all our information: Age, Birthday, Cell Phone Number, Work History, Schooling, religious beliefs, relationship status
  • Many people have this information available to everyone and don’t even realize that you can set it to private or remove it
  • I’m curious how this affects Raymi’s job as she is so public (yet it is difficult to find information online about her personal life – so possibly she is good at keeping personal and private information separate)
  • There is a veil between personal and public life – you don’t put the negative things about you on social networking sites but if you become famous there are a lot more negative things online – how has that affected Raymi
  • “It was clear that she had broken up with her fiancé. What was surprising was that this woman who blogged about the most banal details of her life, including photographing her meals, had opted not to mention this enormous life change.” (http://www.shulgan.com/blog/2009/11/getting-killed-by-raymi-the-minx.html)

The Culture of Me

  • People want to talk about themselves
  • “The formation and active participation in local community electronic networks not only adds but also amplifies civic participation and elevated sense of community attachment”. (http://abs.sagepub.com/content/53/8/1095.short)
  • What goes into her blog and stays out? She cannot blog about everything (it would be way too long) – how does she keep personal information to herself without ruining the authenticity of her blog

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