^3: Final Project MPM35

I created a piece where the users can play with giant white boxes (3 feet by 3 feet) with projections. The projections are of moving lines which create shapes onto the floor and boxes. The piece should look like a merger between Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings and sculptures. The theme I am addressing is play. The users will be able to create their own artwork together by moving the giant white boxes around the space. This will change the angle of the projection thus creating a new piece. I have chosen to focus on user interaction between the boxes and the projections. The main visual component of my piece is the moving projections onto the white surfaces.

As the user changes the angles of the boxes, the images change. The users create shapes by either stacking the boxes on top of each other or they move them away from other boxes. The user can also try to line up the projections onto one box and try to solve the puzzle. I wanted to create a play space for many users to work together. Therefore, I made the boxes light but slightly too big to carry individually. By creating a play space, the user is able to explore rather than just look at the piece. This brings out enjoyment and curiosity in an engaging atmosphere. The piece evokes curiosity and play.

In conclusion, I have programmed moving lines that are projected onto large white boxes. I feel the piece was very successful and the users engaged in the piece by working together and feeling accomplished when they succeeded in moving the boxes around. Some of the users were more interested in playing with the boxes while others felt more connected to the moving “wall drawings”. Some things I would improve on for next time would be creating a program where users can draw their own wall drawings and then project them onto the boxes. The user should also be able to move the projections where they want them on the boxes so they can create a totally individual piece of artwork.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click here to get the source code for the projections. 

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