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About the Piece

Growing Tree is an art installation that draw from the interest of communicating with living creatures. The effects humans have on nature are only told to us through scientists who measure nutrient concentration in the soil and gas concentrations in the air. Those of us outside the realm of science must rely on their messages because there is no way for the trees to tell us. Our project plays with the idea of being able to communicate with nature without scientist intervention. The piece is suppose to help situate humans within the ecosystem of living things by getting real-time feedback of a living being that we normal can not communicate with. It uses computer programming and user auditory engagement to make a  tree animation come to life. The piece is a visualization of the old wives tale that says music help plants grow.
Logistically the piece is low-maintenance and straight-forward. We will borrow a projector, projector cable, microphone, microphone stand, computer, and dongle from the School of Image Arts.  There is no transportation as all the equipment is already readily available in the building.  This ensures no rent costs. Both Karen and Tamara will be watching the piece throughout the night with help from volunteers to ensure that it is kept safe and that it maintains full functionality. We are asking to use an open and blank wall measuring at least 6 by 6 feet, in the Image Arts Building Atrium. This location inside the building will ensure the piece is safe from any weather problems. The projection of the Tree will be shown on the open wall and a single microphone will be present in front of the projection. Sounds detected by the microphone will be used to change the size of the tree projection.

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