Guess Who Proposal

In this interactive performance installation, our goal is to create a piece of work that networks multiple computer interfaces in order to generate a playful and thought-provoking experience. We have decided to focus on the theme of nostalgia and play. Utilizing the classic two player board game Guess Who, we have chosen to remix the tactics into a digitalized hybrid form. Essentially keeping the main goal of two participants trying to guess the opposite person’s selected character, we have furthermore altered the interface by replacing the traditional board into a series of laptops. Each individual laptop displays video call in which the player can see a real life and in real time characters.
The characters follow a set of instructions which gets them do a chain of actions in front of their screens, while the two participants play the game using a number of questions that ask of behavior (rather than the traditional 2D attributes whilst using a board). With every question achieved, the player is able to flip down the character (just like in the classic game) by closing the matching laptop(s).

The overall sensation we wish to convey is allowing the characters to feel as if they are part of the game and have an overall feeling of nostalgia and fun. Our goal is to transform the board game into a fun and new experience for both the characters and the players.

Created by: Monica, Erin, Karen, and Kat

Written by: Kat

Edited by: Karen

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