Guess Who Tasks (Who did What)

Tasks (who did what):


All: Skype meeting to create proposal

Karen: with the help of everyone on skype, created the proposal in jot notes

Kat: Wrote the proposal into paragraphs

All: edited the proposal

All: Had a skype meeting to divide up research

Karen: Play in the art world
Monica: Define Play
Kat: nostalgia
Erin: old games and children group
Karen: edited and put together Proposal, Research, Testing Images, Final Piece Documentation

All: Tested project

All: Met up to buy materials

All: Installed oovoo on the computers
Erin and Kat: created all the oovoo accounts

Erin, Monica, and Kat: Created the slips for all the computers from items bought in the dollar store

Final Presentation:

All: Set up the computers (included cutting out slips, set up the computers and tables and presented)

Tear Down

Erin and Kat: Teared down the project


Erin and Karen: Filmed the project taking place

Karen: Took still images of the piece

Karen: Put together documentation but everyone helped by putting their information on Google Docs


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