Asi Burak: Games for Change

For my internship, I researched the CEO for Games for Change Asi Burak. I learned a lot about him as well as other people positively and negatively influenced by video games. It was very interesting to learn that some people want to use video games positively and create change using something many youth love. And others are trying to ban video games due to violence and the glorification video games give to things such as war. Please keep reading to learn about my research!

Midnight Madness at TIFF: Lovely Molly

At midnight, I went to the Midnight Madness showing of Lovely Molly. Lovely Molly was directed by Eduardo Sánchez which also directed one of the first “found footage” films called The Blair Witch Project. I researched marketing, distribution, and the use of the internet in 1999 for The Blair Witch Project, Lovely Molly film, Blair Witch 2, Blair Witch 3, Exits, Altered, and biographic  information on the director.

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