Group members:
Michelle Hua
Karen Cochrane
Kelvin Hu
Benson Wong


Our goal is to create a piece that brings people closer together socially. It is clear that the world’s population is increasing drastically and with that, cultures become much more dense. This usually means that language barriers will appear and create problems in communication between different cultures. We hope to create a piece that will teach people a global language in a fun way by incorporating the Microsoft Kinect. We are trying to create a communication network by using an original language, processing and the kinect. The piece will include participants who will try and communicate with each other by using the language we provide. This piece will require two participants in different locations with the program open. By using the network program, the individuals will be able to communicate with our gestural language that breaks all cultural barriers. Gestures will be performed by the users in front of the kinect camera and the program will analyze the gestures, determining if it is readable.

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Guess Who Research

Definitions of Play
Research and thoughts by: Monica Zolnierczyk


Thoughts on Play:
Play is essential to the evolution of mankind, learning to co-operate, building team working skills, leadership and acceptance of failure. It can be seen in everyday events and is used to pass the time. Not only does play build “gaming skills”, it develops skills used in tasks such as taking public transit, working on a project, or even cooking and cleaning. It also amplified skills such as patients, acceptance, being respectful of others, and even agility and physical shape. These are all things that we can gain from play as a child, a growing young adult and even adults. Play is all around us in the world, and even when it’s not there people look for ways to entertain themselves. Involving play in art is a very common practice because people like be reminded of their childhood and games they used to play. Play in technology can make even the simplest of games interesting and exciting in surprising ways.

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Guess Who Proposal

In this interactive performance installation, our goal is to create a piece of work that networks multiple computer interfaces in order to generate a playful and thought-provoking experience. We have decided to focus on the theme of nostalgia and play. Utilizing the classic two player board game Guess Who, we have chosen to remix the tactics into a digitalized hybrid form. Essentially keeping the main goal of two participants trying to guess the opposite person’s selected character, we have furthermore altered the interface by replacing the traditional board into a series of laptops. Each individual laptop displays video call in which the player can see a real life and in real time characters. Continue reading